We have two groups who help us to think about the work and advise us. These groups of critical friends are the Community Reference Group, which consists of people who have been with us at events, and the Technical Reference Group.

Technical Reference Group

The 17 members of the Technical Reference Group have a range of expertise and perspectives on improving citizen participation and work in academia, civil society, businesses and government.

They will be consulted at key points for their advice, constructive criticism and guidance on the research, prototyping and promotion of the programme.

Purpose of the Technical Reference Group

The Technical Reference Group brings together people with expertise on improving citizen participation from a range of perspectives, from academia, government, local government, civil society organisations, and business. At key points as the project progresses we will seek advice from members of the group about their area of expertise, as critical friends of the project guiding the research, prototyping, and promotion of our outputs. This group will also be able to reach out to key networks for informing this investigation, and for ensuring our outputs are usefully taken up by people working in this space.

This is likely to include:

  • Mapping innovations already being developed and used to advance citizen participation in local government – both in the UK and beyond.
  • Identifying and reaching out to networks we can use for developing a playbook of local participation, and for ensuring this will inform practice.
  • Informing the design of our user research in local government test sites, and the prototyping of approaches and tools that respond to their needs.
  • Sense-checking findings.
  • Considering how we move from test sites to apply findings to other, different settings.