Simple Communication Part Two: How Journalists Write for Wide Audiences 

In our first part, we looked at the way people read – and how this can inform how we write. In this post we move on to look at ploys to order information, learning how journalists, storytellers and other communicators use ploys to improve communication Tips from news writing Journalists are trained to write for a wide readership with a variety of reading abilities, who have no reason to read their story at all. As a result, they are taught to write in a particular way that helps them to convey information in concise and simple way.   Talk to

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Simple Communication, Part One: Understanding How We Read 

Public Square wants to make local democracy easier to understand. As a result, we are learning about how we can use simple language to make communication clearer. In our first blog post on simple language, we look at how people read – and how it can help you to use simple language.   Learning to read and understanding The team that writes the Government’s web pages on everything from how to get a passport to what happens in the event of a no-deal Brexit, shares some valuable insights into how people learn to read in the how people read guide.

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