As we create and build things – including events, the programme itself and the work we do with others – we’ll share them on this page. You will also be able to read blog posts from us sharing our thinking and ideas.

Presenting Public Square

These slides introduce what Public Square is aiming to achieve, and how this programme of action research will work.

What our councils are signing up to

This sign-up document lays out the agreement we have with each of our councils. We will sign one of these agreements with each council, which will also include specific details relevant to each of them.

Read the draft council sign-up document

Our literature review on digital public engagement

To help build a knowledge base for Public Square’s work, mySociety’s Head of Research Rebecca Rumbul has written a literature review examining current academic research around how digital tools can help citizens to be better involved in decision-making.

Read the literature review

Our learning strategy

Our learning strategy describes our approach to learning, including some of the techniques, practices and methodologies we are using as part of our action research. Read the learning strategy.

Case study – Le Agorà di Messina: For citizens, by citizens

 A case study detailing how the citizens of Messina and The Democratic Society worked towards reinvigorating and reimagining the role of the citizen in southern Italy. Read the case study.

Something we’re reading…

Towards Participatory Democracy in Scotland

Oliver Escobar, of the University of Edinburgh, writes about the continual change always taking place to keep democracy alive. Democracy is never fixed. This essay explores some ways in which citizens are being put at the heart of democratic life; a goal we share here at Public Square!

Read the essay

If you’re interesting in finding out more about Oliver’s work, check out What Works Scotland. Oliver is also a member of our Technical Reference Group.