Learning From Others

Why We Need To Talk – The Talking Shop

A discussion with Yvonne Murphy about The Talking Shop concept Here at Public Square we’re always on the looking to find out the ways in which people are developing quality opportunities for local people to be more involved in making local decisions; having their voices heard. So last week, we caught up with Yvonne Murphy, Artistic Director and Executive Producer at Omidaze Productions. We were really excited to learn more about The Talking Shop, which Yvonne recently led in Cardiff, South Wales, to put her theory that the arts, culture and participatory democracy are intrinsically linked to the test. As

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Keep up with participatory democracy news on Twitter

All over the world, many different organisations are trying out many forms of participatory democracy. From independent nonprofits to local authorities, to cross-border coalitions and international consortia, there’s a whole lot of prototyping, experimentation, impact testing and result sharing going on— and we can all benefit from following each others’ experiences. To make it easy to keep up with the news from every quarter, we’ve put together a Twitter list. If you’re a Twitter user too, you can follow it by clicking the little ‘i’ sign at the top of the list: …and then clicking ‘subscribe’.  You’ll be able to

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Putting Community Neighbourhoods in the Driving Seat in Newham

Public Square gives us a great opportunity to bring together some of the different people working on local democracy and learn from each other. We recently sat down for a chat with Andy Paice, who’s been doing really interesting work helping empower local communities to shape plans for local area within Newham. This blog post shares what’s been done, and what was learnt about the challenges involved in setting up a more participatory democracy. The approach used is a great example of the switch to a more participatory way of making decisions, and could provide inspiration for some of our

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