Weeknotes: It’s all go – Glasgow, w/c 9th September 2019


  • This week we are working with Frome Town Council to support the design of their participatory budgeting process – with community-level decision-making built in to the idea refinement stage. 
  • We’re also working with Glasgow City Council to map our next steps for the programme as we edge closer to being able to finally talk about what we’re working on together! 

Last week…

  • We supported Glasgow City Council to prepare for a service managers meeting – by providing outputs and materials from our initial scoping/idea generation workshops in late July. This meeting was to agree internal capacity management and resources required for the next stage. 
  • We also took some downtime from Public Square to recharge our batteries and focus on some other key project delivery that was required from teams! 

This week we will…

  • Be planning an update to go out to our Technical Reference Group to let them know the current stage of the programme and likely next steps – and get their thoughts about what our ‘playbook’ should look/feel like. 
  • Agree next steps with Glasgow City Council and sign-off our project brief. 
  • Support Frome Town Council in the development of their participatory budgeting process – through the design stage of idea refinement. 

What we’re thinking…

  • We’ve seen some really interesting reading be released by our friends at Nesta this week – and it’s got us thinking about where there might be similarities between our work and their People Power programme. It’s got us inspired by knowing that change is happening right across the UK and there are lots of agents of change (with Public Square being one) within the wider ecosystem of citizen participation. 

And finally…

  • Make sure you read this Twitter thread from Demsoc about all the reasons to be cheerful. Especially recommended if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed about the current state of affairs of democracy – locally or nationally.