Weeknotes: Having Genuine Conversations, w/c 26th August 2019


  • Delivery of community engagement training in Halifax 
  • Getting YourPriorities launched, and starting to plan an in-person idea sifting event in Frome.

Last week…

  • Making sure all materials were prepped and facilitators were briefed so we could deliver effective training for Calderdale Council colleagues and residents who will be part of delivering the ‘Calderdale Conversations’ programme (developed with us!) 
  • Sharing final outputs from our workshops a few weeks ago in Glasgow with our delivery partners as we look to move into the next phase of our programme there. 
  • Ironing out a few last minute hitches in getting the ideas that people have had for the People’s Budget in Frome onto YourPriorities with the help of the Citizens Foundation, and starting to plan for getting residents involved in picking the ideas that will go forward to the final vote.

This week we will…

  • Deliver two back-to-back community engagement training sessions in Halifax. This is for a range of council colleagues and residents/volunteers and partner organisations in the Calderdale area who have been involved in co-designing the prototype tools to be used for having conversations with local people in communities. Around 50 people are attending over the two 3.5 hour sessions where we’ll be focusing on how to plan, do, review and learn in practice. We’ll also be thinking about ensuring safe and effective engagement delivery. 

What we’re thinking…

  • We’re beginning to sift through lots of examples we’ve been gathering over recent months of other playbooks in different fields and think about how ours might used to make it as effective as possible. We’re also pulling together existing resources and documents we have to begin finding out what we might be missing and then develop a ‘rough-cut’ of our playbook’s structure. 

And finally…

  • Preparation, preparation, preparation – and then reflection – equals success.