Keep up with participatory democracy news on Twitter

All over the world, many different organisations are trying out many forms of participatory democracy. From independent nonprofits to local authorities, to cross-border coalitions and international consortia, there’s a whole lot of prototyping, experimentation, impact testing and result sharing going on— and we can all benefit from following each others’ experiences.

To make it easy to keep up with the news from every quarter, we’ve put together a Twitter list. If you’re a Twitter user too, you can follow it by clicking the little ‘i’ sign at the top of the list:

…and then clicking ‘subscribe’. 

You’ll be able to see the latest tweets from every organisation included by clicking ‘Lists’ in the left hand column of any page on Twitter.

Here’s where to see everyone on the list so far — if you know of another organisation that should be added, do let us know.