Weeknotes: Developing and Filtering Ideas, w/c 18th July 2019


  • Second co-design workshop in Calderdale
  • Thinking about inclusion online and offline with our partners in Frome

Last week…

  • We ran our second our co-design workshop in partnership with the council in Calderdale. We used the open source tool scenes to help our group of council staff, partners and citizens think through what our four prototypes from the first workshop could look like in the real world. And we asked our group to think about opportunities for using them to reach particular groups, making a start on an engagement plan. Already one of them – a listening sofa – has been tried out over the weekend. We’ve published a blog about the workshop.
A group of four people are sat at a table around some cut-out scenes of prototypes. Some people are writing, one is laughing.
Participants testing out prototypes at the workshop.

This week we will…

  • Be writing up outputs from the workshop which we will then be analysing and presenting back to the council and those involved in the workshops.
  • Continue exploring how a playbook type resource could help people design better local participation in democracy – including drafting a case study of good practice for designing democratic participation.
  • Think about the design for a PB process in Frome. In particular how to move from quickfire ideas towards a small number of options for a vote in a way that is informed, fair, transparent and gives a greater role to communities.

What we’re thinking…

And finally…

  • We are thinking about how to share more about the work we are doing, and more widely. Each week we’ll be drawing from these weeknotes to think about what we should be sharing in more depth. Hopefully you should soon see the results.