Weeknote: Second Calderdale Co-Design workshop, w/c 8th July 2019


  • Designing a co-design workshop
  • Planning for wider participation

Last week…

  • We’ve been designing this week’s co-design workshop in Calderdale, where we’ll be working with residents and council staff to design how the council can build open conversations with its residents about the future of their borough. We’ll be using the free resource ‘scenes’ to help participants think about some prototypes generated at the first workshop, and will be working on how these can be put into practice.
  • We started to plot out a timeline for our work with Frome over the course of the summer to help them get ideas from a wider group of people for their People’s Budget.
  • We read Nesta’s report on using digital tools to enhance the work of Parliamentary select committees and grow public engagement with Parliament. The recommendations Theo Bass makes for digital participation in select committees: like focusing on clear goals, defining the stakeholders carefully, and making the rules of engagement for participation clear, feel broadly relevant to local government too.
  • We talked to Pat Scully and Graham Smith, of Participedia about how our playbook prototype could contribute to and reference Participedia, rather than duplicating effort. 

This week we will…

  • Be running a second co-design workshop in Calderdale, as mentioned above. These intro slides for the workshop give an outline of what we’ll be doing.
  • Thinking about simple mechanisms and simple language for asking people to submit ideas online for a participatory budget. 

What we’re thinking…

  • Something we’ve been looking at this week is the technique of rough consensus in decision making – a way of coming to decisions that everyone can live with that has a lineage from the Society of Friends, through the IETF and into large scale online deliberative processes like vTaiwan.

And finally…

  • Last week some of the team from mySociety and The Democratic Society were at the Local Government Association Conference. Some great conversations were had. You can catch up on what happened at the conference through the hashtag #LGAConf19.