Weeknote: Reflections from Calderdale comms workshop, w/c 24th June


  • Comms workshop in Calderdale last week
  • First prototype of a playbook format for local authorities 

Last week…

  • We took part in a really productive workshop, led by staff from Calderdale council, to develop clearer messages about the conversation they want to have with residents at the end of the summer. We considered this up by thinking what looks different in the borough if this conversation works well. The council will be creating some messaging from here. 
  • Alex finished up work on a review of digital tool use around Citizens’ Assemblies
  • Beginning to map out councillor attitudes research project (more in a future blog post)
  • Zarino produced an early stage prototype for a playbook on participation for people working in local government

This week we will…

  • We are creating a plan for the second co-design workshop in Calderdale, in which we’ll be showing some models of the earlier prototypes and moving towards an engagement plan for the summer.

What we’re thinking…

  • As frequent facilitators it was an interesting change to take part last week in a workshop that was led by a council and hosted in Demsoc’s Manchester offices. This may well have allowed us to play a slightly different role in discussions than when we are the facilitators. Those of us who work on improving democracy are often in the room in the position of facilitators and it’s interesting to think how this might be shaping the way that our field is talked about.

And finally…

  • Someone we spoke to this week was interested in understanding more about co-production, which is an important part of our approach. There’s lots of information out there, one good place to start is the knowledge base created by Co-Pro Network Wales.