Weeknote: Capturing learning, w/c 3rd June


  • We’ve been writing up, and building from, the ideas heard at our Calderdale co-design workshop.
  • This week we have a learning review day workshop with our funders Luminate to talk through how the project has gone so far and what we want to do as a result

Last week…

  • Had a bank holiday!
  • Wrote up what we heard from participants at our co-design workshop in Calderdale about ways the council can engage differently with residents. This will be shared back with participants by the council.
  • Made a start on developing prototypes of how Calderdale Council could engage with residents, building on the ideas of these participants. We’ll share these ideas (and a summary of these conversations) on our blog soon.

This week we will…

  • Continue to develop prototypes from our conversations in Calderdale last week.
  • Reflect on the project so far with Luminate, and think about what that means for next steps
  • Start to plan for sharing more of our work online – what elements would be useful to others, and in what form

What we’re thinking…

  • Working with local government requires thinking about lots of different groups: different departments within the council; those at the frontline alongside those with a more strategic focus; councillors as well as officers – let alone the diversity of people with an interest in a project outside the council. And all these groups are made up of people with different personalities and outlooks. The diversity within councils is something people outside them don’t always see. It’s interesting to think what would change if people outside the council were more aware of this diversity.

And finally…