Week note: Co-design workshop in Calderdale, w/c 27th May

Five people sit round a table discussing ideas. There are posters on walls, and they are working with paper and pens
A table discussion at the Calderdale design day in Halifax on Thursday 23 May


  • Two days of intensive work with Calderdale Council in Halifax. This involved a stakeholder/citizen co-design workshop on Thursday and some fantastic meetings on Friday.
  • Conversations with councillors in Frome.

Last week…

  • We also enjoyed two days in Halifax working with Calderdale Council and citizens on their Public Square project. This included working with community groups to prototype ways to talk about the relationship residents have with Calderdale, the council and the place.
  • We also discussed ways of doing Participatory Budgeting in Frome, in conversation with town councillors. We talked about how to design the process with the wider community and conducted interviews with councillors to learn more about the context we’ll be working in.

This week we will…

  • Continue to work on our delivery plans for our council partners
  • Start to develop prototypes from the ideas that were developed at the Calderdale co-design workshop last week.
  • Make arrangements for our learning review meeting – that will take place next week and include our funders, Luminate.

What we’re thinking…

  • We were blown away by the sense of pride people had for their local area in Calderdale. This came through loud and clear in the workshops, where residents from a range of ages, backgrounds and experience shared their thinking and vision for Calderdale, plus the sights they showed us!
  • An interesting challenge that we heard about this week was how best to involve community groups in promoting a democratic engagement without those same groups gaining an advantage in that engagement? This is a tension we’ll be thinking about further.

And finally…

  • This week we give a big warm welcome to Simon Cameron, Development Manager – Participatory Budgeting, at the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) to our Technical Reference Group. Welcome, Simon!