Weeknotes: Digital in discovery, w/c 6th May, 2019


  • Exploring digital tools for decision-making and communicating Public Square

Last week…

  • Initial discussion about what our digital approach should be in Calderdale.
  • Thinking about ways to use digital tools in opening up a small grant programme to wider participation.
  • Starting to think about how we talk about Public Square to people who might be interested in our next steps
  • Explored tools and options available to provide a solution to digital decision-making (which isn’t about participatory budgeting)
  • Held the Technical Reference Group meeting – which turned into a useful project-team meeting to think about our journey so far and where we need to go next.

This week we will…

  • Think about options for Calderdale for digital tools for supporting dialogue between councils and citizens.
  • Identify our next steps in working with our Technical Reference Group.
  • Continue engaging with to a wider group of people who might be interested in the next stage of Public Square.

What we’re thinking…

  • Public Square is a large programme, spanning different areas with different local needs. We need to make sure that the outputs from Public Square are relatable to as many local areas as possible – through our reflections on learning and actions.

And finally…

Public Square is uncovering up some fascinating questions. An example – that we’re already thinking about – is how to talk about and shape the role of councillors for deliberative processes in an appropriate way, but there are many more. Over the next few weeks, we’ll start to talk more about these questions – and seek answers to them with the help of our advisors and others.