Weeknote: Starting Discovery, w/c 29th April, 2019


  • Onsite discovery visit in Frome – interviews with key stakeholders

Last week…

  • Spent a day in Frome shaping discovery and doing interviews with key stakeholders (Friday, 26 April).
  • Spoke to Andy Paice, a public participation consultant and learned more about his work.
  • Planned meeting with Technical Reference Group, to be held on 1 May.
  • Developed Calderdale – and planned our onsite discovery work in May.
  • User research interview and document review around council process, barriers and opportunities

This week we will…

  • Take part in our Technical Reference Group meeting
  • Continue to develop our discovery work onsite with Calderdale
  • Reflect on our day in Frome and actioning key activities

What we’re thinking…

  • We’re thinking about the difference between user research that looks at how to best deliver pre-set aims, and a process of design that makes space for looking more broadly at whether democratic processes are as meaningful for citizens as they could be. Making room for the latter will be a key challenge for Public Square.

And finally…

  • We’re putting more thought into how to capture learning from the discovery phases in each council area and how we make that data more meaningful for our collective learning journey. More on this soon!