Public Square

Public Square is an action-research programme to understand how citizens can be more involved in making local decisions.

We are working with councils, residents, and councillors in four places in the UK to understand how they can improve their local democracies.

Led by mySociety and The Democratic Society – and funded by Luminate. We will use a variety of new approaches, including digital tools, and new ways of doing democracy, to help these places tackle a local democracy challenge.

What we learn will help us to offer practical help for others to improve local democracy. We'll be sharing in guides, playbooks and other publicly available resources in the near future.

Want to find out more about Public Square?

We know that Public Square is part of a bigger whole. If you are interested in talking to us you can email our programme team.

If you’d like to follow the Public Square programme, you can:

blog post

11th September 2020

Innovation in Politics Awards: Week Two Reflections

In week two of Innovation in Politics Awards 2020, we check in with Calderdale Council’s Mike Lodge. We wanted to find out how being part of the judging panel is going and hear some of the issues he’s been wrangling with. “I was given the option as a juror to take a look at each project, part evaluate and return to them later to finish. So I have looked at each of the 17 projects, given them a score and I will return to them later. My thoughts from this week: I predicted this might be a chore – it

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